Project 7

designed to be a sleek and contemporary platform to allow expresive articulate play through a dynamic, responsive and resonant instrument. It features a set through neck construction, straight string pull and through body stringing; in effect the strings are anchored at both ends of the neck piece - which in this case is a very straight, quarter sawn piece of figured black Walnut that is glued into a beautiful and heavily contoured single block of pommelle Sapele. It is sandwiched by another piece of slipmatched figured and uniquely carved black Walnut. The fingerboard in Ziricote with stainless steel frets. The headstock is veneered above and below to reflect the top and body respectivley. This first one has Hipshot open classic locking tuners and a Hipshot seven string fixed bridge. It has a matched pair of Fishman Fluence pickups thats are Alnico and Ceramic.

British Custom Guitars
British Custom Guitars
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British Custom Guitars
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